Salute to migrant Peruvian community from abroad on the occasion of commemorating the “International Day of Migrants”
Social Environment for embedding financial analysis – Peru


The Peruvian community from Romania and the communities from the concurrent countries are communicated additional information on the Law of Social and Economic Reintegration of Returning Migrants:

  • Law No. 30001, Law of Social and Economic Reintegration of Migrants Returned, aims, as stated in Article 1, “to facilitate the economic and social reintegration of Peruvians, returned migrants, independently of their migration situation, through incentive activities to favor their proper reintegration and contribute to creating a productive role “.
  • Peruvian State offers to citizens who have decided to return to live in our country, qualifications and consultations to facilitate their social and economic reintegration.
  • This qualification and consultation covers a variety of issues, including certification of titles and studies, recognition of work skills, undertaking small businesses, implementation of social safety agreements, training courses and technical consultation on the procedures for establishing micro enterprises and about environments by which financial loans may be obtained, among others.
  • The law provides that each sector is responsible for implementing regulations, procedures and benefits for returning migrants according to their competence.
  • the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for intersectorial coordination and surveillance of their application in non-tributary aspects (social and economic). (National Supervision of Customs Administration and Tributaries ((NSCAT) SUNAT)), pursuant to Article 9.2 of the Law, is responsible for supervision and control of tributary aspects).
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the support of the Permanent Inter-sectorial Table for Migration Management, monitors the programs provided by the Act for Social and Economic Reintegration of Returned Migrants (Act 30001).

This Act does not consider that the State is a bank or a fund of public resources for private firms to fund initiatives of returned migrants. It does not consider nor provides loans to financial entities, public or private, in favor of returning migrants.